We offer special programs to groups and primary schools
That harness creativity in a way that's musical.
We travel far and wide supplying interactive lessons
And everyone involved will keep their own recording sessions

We can help you write and sing your own original song
An anthem for the community to learn and sing along.
With help from kids and teachers we can craft a composition
For students of the future to learn, sing, and listen. 

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Starter Pack

The starter pack is a great way for schools and groups to share Little Songs and Lullabies. For a fraction of the retail price, we'll deliver enough recourses to share among classrooms, instrumental teachers and libraries. 

The starter pack includes:

  • 10 copies of the Book & CD
  • 2 copies of the Vocal Scores
  • 2 copies of the Piano & Vocal scores
  • 5 additional copies of the CD Album
  • Full-colour A3 posters for the classroom

The starter pack has over $500 value for only $350 AUD.

$350 AUD

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Singing at Early Learning Centres

We create a fun and supportive environment for children and educators to sing together.

The session begins with musical games using rhythm and pitch. We'll learn about the importance of listening and working as a team to make music.

With studio quality microphones and PA equipment, we produce great quality recordings that can be played back instantaneously. Kids love the experience of hearing their singing played back through big speakers!

We demonstrate to educators how to use our book and CD to teach music, even if they have no musical training themselves.

After the session, parents and teachers can download the recordings we made together free from our website.

Workshops & Recording Sessions

Alongside melody and rhythm games, we discuss the importance of working as a team to create beautiful music. 

With sheet music projected onto a screen, musical devices such as pitch and rhythm are explained in a fun and interactive way. At the same time, we're learning a brand new song.  

In no time at all, our group will be ready to start recording! 

Using our PA system and recording equipment, we can replay our recordings instantaneously. Kids love hearing their performances played back to them, and we strive for high quality results the whole group is proud of.  

The program is not limited to the learning and recording songs from our book and CD. Schools are encouraged to take advantage of our facilities to record anything and everything! 

Instrumentalists, choirs, bands and soloists are all welcome to take full advantage of this recording opportunity. 

After the session, parents and teachers can download the recordings we made together free from our website.

Create a School Anthem

Imagine your school had its very own anthem... It could be performed at assemblies, sports days and special events for years to come.  

We combine forces with students and teachers to create original and meaningful music especially for your school. Together, we can write a song to be sung and cherished by the school community for generations. 

In our first meeting, we aim to learn all about your school. What are your values and mottos? We want to know about your history, location and place in the community. 

As a team we talk about the style, tempo and instrumentation of your song. We discuss who will be involved in the rehearsals and recordings, and plan how to bring your song to life. 

Your school receives three, two hour sessions with composer Daniel Zisin, to workshop and rehearse ideas. These sessions may be used however you like. Creative writing , vocal coaching and band rehearsals are all great ways to ensure your song becomes something truly special. 

This program includes a six hour recording session to be run at your school. We supply recording equipment and work in a space that's convenient for the school. Recording time can be used however we decide. We can record school choirs, bands and individual students. 

Creating original music is an inspirational, educational, and worthwhile experience for the entire school community. The anthem we create will be something everyone can be proud of.

Click here to see collaborations with other school groups.

Songwriting For Everyone

This program makes it easy for anyone to write a song!

We've created a series of high quality backing tracks for your students to put lyrics and melodies to. The tracks are arranged like pop songs, containing distinct sections such as verses and choruses for you to write over. 

Alongside our backing tracks, we provide tips and suggestions on how your students can write and record their own songs. Our documentation assists with creative writing, brainstorming and hints for rehearsing and recording your song. 

Our backing tracks and writing tips, make it possible for anyone to create an incredible original song. 

Classroom teachers may use our program alongside their own creative writing tasks. Give students a free hand to write anything they like, or provide a topic to write about.

Teachers won't need any musical training to facilitate this program. If participants struggle to  compose a melody, we have hip-hop backing tracks available to write rap songs over. 

Anyone can write a song. Let us show you how!

Fundraising Ideas

Instead of selling chocolates to raise money, why not put on a music concert? We can help you rehearse songs and prepare students for a great fundraising event. At the concert, we may even be able to perform some of your favourite songs with the students!

You set the ticket price and 100% of proceeds go to the school.

We also allow the school community to act as a retailer for our book. For every copy you sell, your school community receives 60% of the retail price.

That means your school can make $21 from each copy sold!

Fundraising packs contain fifty copies of the book and CD and are free for primary schools.

If you sell all 50 your school makes $1,050.

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